DV8 Creative
For 25 years DV8 Creative has provided a personal boutique design service combining Stephen’s highly collaborative, end-user-focused approach, with his comprehensive knowledge and skills, to deliver the best results.
“The best quality work is achieved by collaboration. I strive to work with teams of response-able specialists. People who excel in their fields and work on equal terms, who seek to challenge and be challenged.
“I favour the Design Thinking process, a proven toolset which drives a design team toward decisions based on the end user's experience.
“The primary collaboration is of course with the client, and by starting with the common goal of strong open communication in this relationship we achieve a high degree of success in bringing their ideas and products to the world.”
Prior to founding DV8 Creative Stephen Canning worked as a glass artist specialising in architectural sandblasted glass, exhibiting in NYC in 1992, and with much work still in place around NZ. Stephen still continues to follow his passion for architectural glass design.
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