Self Promotion
Orange with a twist
When it came to making a new batch of business cards I wanted to continue producing something unique, and handmade, using a desktop printer. This time I started with the idea of upcycling a supply of backing cardboard I'd saved from packs of inkjet paper, which I thought would make a good sturdy business card.
One side of the board is coated, which “doesn't work” with an inkjet printer because of the “orange-peel” effect of the ink. I was thinking that this isn't a bug but a feature, and it would also make each card unique.
The reverse was a bit porous and not ideal for printing either, but by using just black, and allowing for some ink spread, I got a good sharp result for the QR code.
Happy with the results, and with renewed zest, I borrowed a 53mm hole punch and started hammering out these tangy treats.

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